Hi, my name is Kuvam Bhardwaj
I'm a Full Stack Developer.


About section - kuvam bhardwaj

When I first wrote my 1st line of code, It was exciting to me how something starts with a thought in one's mind via code could be an actual alive program in this very real world and then I kept on learning, more I learnt about these technologies, more my affection & respect grew towards them.
So currently I have this toolkit consisting of Python3, Django, ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, Firebase, AWS, NextJS, React Native, CSS, HTML, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, MaterialUI, SemanticUI and counting...


MeTime 🎶

A spotify-themed web app made with NextJS & SpotifyAPI, Functionally, it is almost similar spotify except for the song suggestions which are suggested using ML (Nearest Neighbors Classifier). Which means that The songs in the "Made for ..." section of the dashboard is generated & stored not by spotify, but by the app itself.
Technologies used: NextJS, Recoil (state management), Supabase (stores user data) & MongoDB (stores the prepared spotify songs dataset).

Source Code

Live Website

Yeetboard - A Hackathon Submission

A whiteboarding web application also capable of multiplayer usage ✨
Made with: ReactJS, TypeScript & FabricJS along with a NestJS backend connected with Redis as the session database, used to store board actions against a room id temporarily, Deleted when there's no one in the room.
I made this application to participate in the DEV X REDIS Hackathon.

Source Code

Live Website


An original project, inspired by Omegele. A fully responsive web app made withNextJS & WebRTC, Functionalties include high quality video calling, real-time chatting and firebase powered call offer-answer system. This app was my first experience with serverless, thanks to MongoDB realm it was awesome!
Technologies used: NextJS, RecoilJS (state management), PeerJS (WebRTC library), MongoDB Atlas (for user database), Firebase (for call-offer-answering system), MongoDB Realm (for serverless functions) and TailwindCSS.

Source Code

Live Website


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